Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson

Certified Health Coach

Karen Johnson is passionate about health and wellness for individuals and families. She embarked on the journey of her own wellness out of shear desperation after developing multiple autoimmune disorders in her 40s. Jumping from one doctor to the next, a battery of tests over months and still no answers, she started to research “healthy eating” as her condition spiraled out of control. Who knew consuming the right foods would eliminate and impact health in such a dramatic fashion, bringing about remission and healing?

After years of prescription drugs, allergist appointments, rheumatologist appointments, hospitalizations, cardiac episodes and doctors’ office visits every six weeks; it was time for a reset.

The act of simply identifying and eliminating inflammatory foods and consuming the right nutrients, supplements and embracing a variety of movement, health was restored.

Karen works with individuals and families at all stages of their journey to help educate, support and motivate; holds certifications in Health Coaching, plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, and has studied and completed coursework in the field of mindfulness meditation.


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

Karen was instrumental is helping me understand how a balanced diet during my cancer battle would support a desired outcome and it did. I am grateful for her knowledge and guidance. I am more in tune with what my body needs to remain well.

Gerard F. in California

Lung Cancer

Understanding that I was scared and knew very little about nutrition, Karen helped me discover all the ways I can support the cancer recovery process, through not only diet but mindfulness meditation to reduce my stress.

Kara H. in Florida

Breast Cancer